Create your API in minutes with Notion

It is a tool where creators can make their own APIs for developers without requiring technical knowledge and they can monetize APIs. Totally NoCode!

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Convert your knowledge to API without writing code

Selling your own knowledge. Build your API without writing code, compile information, produce products from your information.

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What Am I Doing Differently?

The APIs of all our API creator competitors are developed by developers and offered to develops.
(From developers to developers.)

But API Maker is produced by creators and made available to developers.
(From creaters to developers.)

This means that the creator is a part of the economy.

Case Study

What Can Be Done With API Maker?

Turning food recipes into APIs

Making food recipes website or app.

Sample Website Sample App Sample API

Write the color codes, color psychology and the meanings of the colors into an API

I'm sure designers will want to use it.

Sample Website 1 Sample Website 2

Create a horoscope related API

The word "horoscope" has between 1 million and 10 million searches on Google. There are a lot of customers.

Sample Website Sample App

Build APIs of scriptures

Remember that there is not only one Bible in the world. Make one yourself. Look at the Bible and write whatever it says in the Notion Database. Then turn it into an API without writing any code with API Maker.

Sample Website Sample API Sample API

Build your own API in minutes

Anyone who can make tables with Notion can create their own API. Turn your knowledge into an API once and then earn money from it all the time.

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Start selling now on Gumroad

Payment infrastructure is Gumroad. Since Gumroad uses Paypal, it has a secure infrastructure system. The API you create is also published on Gumroad Discover. Double win!

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How is it that simple?


Build API with Notion

Gumroad uses Paypal so it's secure payment

Easy Marketing with Gumroad Discover

Easy to Create and Readable Document

JSON output in APIs

Use Zapier and Integromat with JSON


  • Application Programming Interface is a set of definitions created for a software to use functions defined in another software. With the API, new software (applications, programs, websites, and other technologies) can be made. So the API is a valuable thing.

  • Create your API in minutes with Nocode builder. It is a tool where creators can make their own APIs for developers without requiring technical knowledge and they can monetize APIs.

  • It is free to create 1 API. Creating 5 APIs costs $10. Creating 50 APIs costs $20.

  • APIs output JSON. These can be edited with the programming language used or the Nocode tool. Programming language example PHP, Javascript. An example of the Nocode tool is Zapier.

  • Payments are made through Gumroad. The cancellation process is done under Gumroad conditions.

  • Creators compile their knowledge and turn it into API. This information should be information that can be productized by developers. Developers using the API can develop applications, programs, plugins or websites.

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© Copyright 2022 API Maker. All right reserved.

© Copyright 2022 API Maker. All right reserved.